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Angeline Low is a certified personal trainer through ACE  with an Orthopaedic Exercise Specialization, a barre instructor through Barre A...

The best ProsourceFit yoga and Pilates mat for sedentary rehab

Every yogi or yoga enthusiast needs portable equipment to be at one with the universe when energy shifts sway him/her. A long time ago, I realized physical therapy, Barre, and Pilates incorporate a lot of yoga asanas (poses). However, when you stop to actually think about it, you will realize every movement, every day is a variation of an asana. Standing in itself is a form of tadasana or mountain pose. The pose in the image is a popular physical therapy stretch, also known as a variation of ardha matsyendrasana or half lord of fishes. With sedentary lifestyles or lumbosacral herniations, there may be nerve compression. This pose helps flutes, abductors, and thighs. There are other variations of this pose that can be performed in seated, standing, or supine positions. I feel a better stretch when in supine as I can move a bit more to gain additional angles and more thoroughly stretch the muscles involved. 

I keep my ProsourceFit extra thick yoga and Pilates mat with me for this reason. The extra cushioning of the mat protects me from hard surfaces, but the foam also allows my body to sink into it. With a lifetime guarantee, you cannot go wrong. 

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