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Angeline Low is a certified personal trainer through ACE  with an Orthopaedic Exercise Specialization, a barre instructor through Barre A...

Holiday blues, depression, and anxiety

One way to beat holiday blues is to convince yourself to get out of bed, shower, brush your teeth, get dressed, and leave your home. Even if it is only a five minute walk, get some fresh air and soak in the sun. Regardless of where you live, find at least one thing that makes you think. 

My neighborhood is fairly boring, and Florida has only beaches and farms aside from amusement parks. The trails are pretty much just a bunch of trees. However, during the holidays, many of the local parks are lit with festivity. Those pretty colors and sparkling lights capture my attention. It gives me a view and a thought. Then one thought duplicates, triplicates, and soon enough, I have found myself wandering through the pretty colors, imagining my life without autism and ADHD. That makes me appreciate my disabilities, or, for neurotypicals, my “different abilities.”

Sometimes I am inspired to photograph and videograph life. My creativity then becomes a positive way to expel negative energy. One need not be a photographer or videographer. Capture live and still images for yourself. Be your own audience. By being your own audience, you then make yourself a priority and will have focused on self care and self love without realizing it.

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Buddha Quote

Buddha Quote by Angeline Low