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Angeline Low is a certified personal trainer through ACE  with an Orthopaedic Exercise Specialization, a barre instructor through Barre A...

Certified Yoga Teacher


As of 09/25/2020, Angeline Low is a certified Yoga Teacher through The Kaivalya Yoga Method. Join her regardless of your fitness preference as she is certified as a personal trainer, barre instructor, and yoga teacher. Her yoga focus is restorative to rebalance and unblock chakras. Angeline can read your chakras for excess energy, interpret it as it relates to your life, clear the excess energy to free you to cope, and rebalance you, so you may experience overall peace and contentment.

Soon she will offer sequences you may access and perform at home or anywhere. Each sequence will cost $15.00, a weekly access fee of $30.00, or a monthly access fee of $45.00. Angeline also volunteers through Apt Fitness, Inc., so if you meet certain income restriction guidelines, sessions may be donations.

Add on services include oracle and tarot card readings.

Please note prices are subject to change. All access levels include video conferencing with Angeline to ensure proper form.

Buddha Quote

Buddha Quote by Angeline Low