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Angeline Low is a certified personal trainer through ACE  with an Orthopaedic Exercise Specialization, a barre instructor through Barre A...

Mindfulness, meditation, and guided meditation

Angeline Low offers guided meditation online, virtual, and in person.  Help relax the mind and shift negative energy away from your chakras by allowing Angeline Low to unlock your spirit and free you from the shackles of typical daily trauma.  With several years experience, working in corporate environments, Angeline Low understands how stressful it is in both large and small employment settings.  Additionally, her experience with ADHD and autism helps her relate and better guide you to channel your negative energy through positive means.  She also incorporates tuning forks and energy crystals into sessions.  Not everyone meditates through the same methods.  Some use exercise, art, silence, music, walking, and other avenues.  Let Angeline Low find the best way to help you free your energetic flow.

Buddha Quote

Buddha Quote by Angeline Low